Thursday, February 25, 2010

Protocol Wrapper to parse PHP

Original Post: August 21st, 2008

Why do I need a protocol wrapper to parse a PHP file?

There are some cases in which one wants to pass a dynamic string to a function that only takes a file path.  One of those cases is the SoapServer class in PHP. The SoapServer class takes the $WSDL argument as a local file path.  If you ever needed to have a dynamic WSDL file for different customers you would probably know what I’m talking about.

Creating the Protocol/Wrapper to parse a file using PHP

The trick here is to use the PHP function stream_wrapper_register to define a protocol that parses PHP.
1. create a class handler for the new protocol wrapper. Click on the link to see the code.


Note that I have added functionality to accept a query string.

2. Create your dynamic file

Hello <?=$this->first_name?>!

3. Register your Protocol/Wrapper some where in your code and use it!


//include the class



//register the wrapper

stream_wrapper_register('phpfile', 'PhpFileStream');


//you can now pass the file path with the new protocol wrapper and it will be parsed

echo file_get_contents('phpfile:///./hello.php?first_name=John');

This code will print:

Hello John!

Note that You can pass a URL encoded query string to the file. The values can be accessed from within the file using $this->[key_name] in the target file.
Now all you would have to do If you ever needed to create a dynamic WSDL file was to use the class I provide here and pass the wrapper path this way:





Now you should be able to include PHP code in you WSDL for you dynamic needs.


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